General Information



The Eversull Group, Inc., (TEG) is a full service investor relations and shareholder services consulting firm.  The firm’s process of adding value begins by analyzing a client company’s existing shareholder base.  A program is then developed, using specific targeting techniques to proactively reach the segments of the investment community that have the best probability of creating additional value.  An IR strategy is then developed, specific to the company, complete with plans and programs to implement that strategy.  The strategy’s objective will be to accomplish an increased awareness, add research coverage, encourage appropriate institutions to take positions, increase daily trading volumes, reduce volatility and improve total return to shareholders.  TEG arranges one on one and group meetings, complete with follow up feedback, and will prepare presentations, news releases, quarterly reports and annual reports for client companies.


Different from the Rest



We differentiate ourselves from other IR consulting firms by:


·        Providing each corporate client with an IR team that includes senior level investor relations counsel.

·        Providing cost-effective service – we strive to save clients an amount equal to our monthly retainer by the efficient allocation of resources devoted to IR, and by obtaining the lowest cost, most effective necessary vendors.

·        Representing a limited number of clients – who have favorable management, interesting strategies, products and/or stories – this adds a degree of prestige.

·        Including a performance clause in our agreement.


Services Offered:

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IR Program Evaluation & Implementation

Positioning & Message Development

Shareholder Analysis and Targeting

Meetings:  Arrangement and Critique

Stockbroker Marketing Programs


Going Public & Post-IPO IR Start Up


“Turnkey Direct: Direct Stock Purchase Plans”

Meet Our Team

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Dallas, TX:

Jack W. Eversull - President & Founder

Joél G. Maxie - Senior Vice President of Client Services

Phoenix, AZ:

Jeff W. Eversull – Vice President / Systems and Design

Charlotte, NC:

Michele L. Barnes – Vice President / Account Executive


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